Ink & Gem Design is a resource for fashion & design solutions. Providing design services & creative inspiration.


about me.

Ink and Gem was founded by Jessica Thomas, who has the ability to understand many different markets and product categories.


A designer, creator and dreamer.

The Ink & Gem Design Studio showcases Jessica's talent and drive while she observes the everyday, curating, collecting and designing. 

Jessica gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts- Letterform in Design at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and has since been providing years of design mentoring and leadership.



With comprehensive experience working within both the Apparel & High Fashion Jewelry Industry.

Contributing product development and design, hand sketching, manipulation, computer renderings, technical packages and trend development for major well-loved brands. Working successfully with overseas manufacturers and suppliers.


Jessica Thomas - Founder/Creative Director



"Communication is the key to success"

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